Your different point of view

We are a new reality specialized in the ideation, production and post-production of media contents for television and web. We report the major events in Italy and around the world by satellite directs, live-streaming e reportage for the most important networks foreigns and italians. We project and fit television sets for chronicle live trasmissions and contents productions for web and companyies.



With the advent of new media, we have taken up the challenge of bringing a television-quality production to a virtual environment. We have identified new systems of television production and adapted them to the world of the internet offering innovative and dynamic solutions. The wise utilization of these new instruments of communication represents our best strong point.

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We have developed contacts and collaborations throughout the entire world, thus being able to produce quality content in different operational contexts. Experience is everything. To have experienced this, first hand, the most important events of the last 30 years in Italy and Europe, have permitted use to render our history, accessible everywhere and to every type of customer.


We bring our experience to the service of private individuals and institutions to think, produce, and post-produce videos that present this work with attention to a quality narrative. All firms need modern media support. We know how to translate your ideas into all languages of communication.

Our commitment and our vision

We believe in the commitment and the value of experience and technological innovation. For this reason, we are at the forefront and always attentive to changing scenarios and contexts. Dynamism, passion, and professionalism are the values that characterize us and inspire our dedication to quality products and services we offer to our clients. We carefully study the necessities of customers by offering them professional solutions and creative means in using our most innovative tools that technology offers. We have perfected our technical knowledge keeping us constantly updated on all television production systems that are being put on the market. Today we have gone to merge all this experience in a project for the future, through new systems of communications reaching every single customer on the web with maximum clarity using the highest quality tools.